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Sexy Eyes in 7 Easy Steps

Apply eye makeup like a pro for luminous beauty that gets you noticed.

STEP 1) Apply a touch of foundation on your eyelids to brighten the eyes and create a nice base for the eye shadow to adhere to.
STEP 2) Choose a brown or black eye pencil to line the top lash line. Blend with a tapered angle brush, then add a touch of matching eye shadow over the pencil to create a smoky effect.
STEP 3) Apply a medium to dark shadow over the eyelid up to the crease.
STEP 4) Using the tip of a tapered brush, apply a darker eye shadow than the lid shadow in the crease.
STEP 5) Add a touch of blush to the outer corner of the brow bone for warmth.
STEP 6) Use a light color shadow to highlight under the arch of the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the eye.
STEP 7) Apply two coats of Mascara for lush long lashes.

HELPFUL HINT: For even more drama, add the eyeliner pencil to the inner rim of the lower lashes. Voilà! Amazing eyes in no time!

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Sexy Eyes in 7 Easy Steps

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