Find high-tech electronic gadgets for men and women

Take advantage of technology that makes life simpler and a little more fun! We offer a range of clever electronic gadgets for men and women—like digital TV antennas that improve your television reception, picture and sound quality. Portable power banks that allow you to charge your devices on the go, so you’re never caught with a dead cell phone or tablet. And quality metal detectors that allow you to search for hidden treasure at the beach and in your own backyard. They’re irresistible!

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smartwatch by supersonic


$20.00 per month

super thin camcorder by vivitar


$20.00 per month

5200 mah portable power charger with led flashlight


Save 35%


More Colors Available

sharp shooter ii detector kit


$30.00 per month

xtreme 4 000 mah portable skinny power battery


Save 26%


More Colors Available

bounty hunter metal detector




$20.00 per month

attic mount antenna by ge


Save 51%


gps wallet tracker from royce


Save 47%


Showing Products 1 - 24 of 65  View All