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Go exotic: elephant figurines and unique statues

A few truly unique figurines can bring your home alive with personality! From magnificent elephant figurines to charming rooster statues, you’ll find a menagerie of animal figurines to choose from here. Discover mesmerizing animal statues expertly crafted in metal, wood, ceramic, and other intriguing media. Or consider a serene angel figurine to lend a celestial note to your space. Whether you’re building a collection, adding a whimsical touch to a room, or searching for a unique gift for a friend, you’ll find something special in our selection.

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glow octopus glass figurine



More Styles Available

3 pc  utensil chef figurines




On orders by June 20th

singing parrot




On orders by June 20th

Video Available



$20.00 per month

Jubilation Elephant


$20.00 per month

multicolor floor giraffe


$25.00 per month

great horned owl statue


$20.00 per month

rise n shine rooster accents


More Options Available

border collie statue


Save 40%


$20.00 per month

virgin mary statue


Save 39%


dog statue


Save 31%


golden buddha statue


$20.00 per month

stargazer fairy princess


$20.00 per month

flitting fairy figurine




Showing Products 1 - 24 of 206  View All