Vases & Urns

Decorative glass vases for every style of home décor

Whoever said vases are just for holding flowers? Our unique vases are so striking, they are works of art in their own right, no bouquets required! Explore our collection of sophisticated glass vases, colorful ceramic vases and large decorative vases and urns that make dramatic statement pieces. Choose from artful containers in a range of colors, shapes and styles to perfectly complement your home décor. Tip: a beautiful vase makes a lovely housewarming gift, too!

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pot de creme vase


$20.00 per month

zanzibar woven vase


$20.00 per month

grande metal floor vase


Save 30%


blue mosaic vase


Save 53%


lady isabel head vase


Save 37%


trentino captured glass vase


$20.00 per month

tall rustic vase


$20.00 per month

set of 2 metal vases



$20.00 per month

Showing Products 1 - 12 of 12