Lamp Sets

Create your own warm style with lamp sets for table, floor or living room!

How pleasant and inviting to be greeted by a set of cheerful table lamps that speak to who you are. Knowing they're easily affordable makes them even better! So take a look: you'll also find living room and floor lamp sets in every style, from the elegance of graceful curves and classic swirls or artful stained glass radiance to the dynamic, modern geometrics. You can instantly share your personality and hospitality with others in your own unique way. So many different looks to enhance your stylized décor themes—proving that you really know how to light up a room!

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Pair Of Touch Table Lamps


$20.00 per month

More Colors Available

4 Piece Faux Marble Covington Lamp Set




$20.00 per month

set of 3 scroll lamps


$25.00 per month

Woven Wicker Lamps

$69.95 - $169.95

Showing Products 1 - 7 of 7