Rustic Coolers

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While there's no proof that the treasure of the Sierra Madre actually consisted of liquid refreshments, your thirsty guests will certainly consider them worth their weight in gold. The rustic cedar cooler, trimmed with iron mountains, will be the prized location at any party. Includes galvanized steel liner, foam insulation, drainage spout and cast iron bottle opener attached to leg. Easy to assemble. Each sold separately.

Rustic Small Cooler: 26" w x 31 1/4" h x 17 3/4" d. Capacity is 60 cans plus ice.

Rustic Large Cooler: 47" w x 31 1/4" h x 15" d. Capacity is 96 cans plus ice.

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Rustic Large Cooler

Rustic Large Cooler


Save 75%



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Rustic Cooler

Rustic Cooler





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