Color Me Happy Chakra Gemstone Jewelry

Color Me Happy Chakra Gemstone Jewelry

$17.99 - $24.99

Balance your energy centers with beautiful chakra gemstone jewelry. Seven different gemstones: Violet Amethyst stone cleanses the soul, Indigo Lapis reinforces self-esteem, Blue/Turquoise facilitates communication, Green Adventurine encourages love and respect, Yellow Topaz is for drive and ambition, Orange Agate restores fiscal security and Red Agate enhances pleasure. Earring set and bracelet are sold separately.

Jewelry not shown to scale.

Earring Set: Seven pairs of 6mm chakra gemstone earrings. Stainless Steel posts.

Bracelet: 7.0 CTTW. Seven 8mm chakra gemstones on a 6" l bracelet (plus 2" extender). Available only in Silvertone.

Limited Availability.


Color Me Happy Chakra Gemstone Bracelet


Currently not available.

7-Pair Color Me Happy Chakra Earring Set




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