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Celebrated every year from September 15–October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month is a dedicated period when Americans honor the many accomplishments and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the U.S.

It’s a time to celebrate the heritage and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans, including important historical figures and learning about issues relevant to the Hispanic experience in America.

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Roots of Hispanic American People:

The majority of Hispanic Americans’ roots can be traced back to the cultures of North and South Americas’ indigenous peoples: Aztecs (Mexico), Arawaks (Puerto Rico), Incas (South America), Mayans (Central America) and Tainos (Cuba, Puerto Rico).

Some can also trace their roots to Spanish explorers, who set out as early as the 1400s to find alternate trade routes with the Indies. Others can trace their roots to African slaves that were brought to the New World. Today, Hispanic Americans are recognized by the country, or countries, they or their ancestors come from.

To Learn more about the roots of Hispanic American people, click below.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Play Lotería!

La Lotería, or Mexican Bingo, is a game of chance that uses images instead of numbers. The goal is to be the first to create a pattern (like 4 in a row) on your board. It’s a fun, family-friendly game that encourages you to learn a few new words in Spanish, too!

This game is available as a board game, electronically and you can even create your own!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Make a Piñata!

Commonly used in a wide variety of celebrations, these brightly colored shapes are filled with treats and candy—and add a whole lot of fun to your gatherings!

Here’s what you need to make your own: balloon, newspaper, 1 cup of flour, 1 ½ cups water, craft glue, paint brush, tissue paper, birthday party hats, scissors, string and of course—candy!


  • Blow up the balloon.
  • Tape party hats to the balloon to create a star shape.
  • Mix 1 cup flour with 1 ½ cups of water. Make sure to mix well.
  • Cut newspaper into strips. Then coat each strip (one by one) in the flour/water mixture and wipe off excess.
  • Start covering the balloon with the strips, while avoiding the party hats. Place 3 layers of the coated newspaper, allowing it to partially dry between layers.
  • Once fully dried, cut a hole for the candy.
  • Spread a light layer of glue on your piñata and add colored tissue paper.
  • Add the candy and cover the hole with a small piece of cardboard or tape.
  • Put a string through your piñata, hang it up and enjoy!


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Family Taco Night!

A delicious traditional Mexican dish, tacos have become a staple in many American homes. A great way to spend time with your family and children, you can plan out your meal by searching for a new or interesting recipe online, go to the local market to find fresh ingredients and prepare dinner together.

HINT: take some time to learn the names of the ingredients and other fun vocabulary words in Spanish for an educational lesson they won’t forget!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Spend Time with Your Favorite People

Host a gathering of family and friends where you can play games, cook together and break open a piñata to celebrate traditional Hispanic culture.

Share how we’ve inspired you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

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