This fan-favorite cookware set looks great in the kitchen and also received top marks for performance. Testers fell in love with the huge, deep skillet, noting that it was the perfect size for chicken and commenting that the 12" multipurpose pan would be perfect for making crepes. When they made One-Pot Cowboy Beans in the Dutch oven, the bacon and ground beef cooked quickly and evenly. Testers raved about the incredible value at $100, rare for a cookware set with ceramic coating. The set also got major points for the easy clean-up; testers remarked that just wiping it down did the trick, and food didn't stick to it, even when burned. The set was also dishwasher safe, key for those especially short on time. The ceramic and aluminum mix made the set nicely durable. It felt substantial, but wasn't too heavy to easily move around the kitchen. The aluminum-and-ceramic mix heated evenly and quickly, so our testers could use lower heat settings and still get great cooking results.